edwin the penguin

edwin didn’t look like any of the other penguins in his colony. as they swaggered by, these other penguins shook their heads and snickered behind their wings, causing edwin to feel horrible. he remembered the days when he had tried so hard to fit in, smiling shyly and hopping forward gently to join the other penguins as they waited in line to slip and slide into the water. “are you excited to swim? I am! I love to swim…” he faltered. the other penguin merely looked askance, giving edwin a pointed stare that pierced into his eyes and pulled his heart all the way down to his tiny black feet. no penguin gave him a second chance. edwin looked longingly and enviously at their sleek black backs and handsome tuxedo outfits. he looked down at his own drab, dull, black feathers. he would never amount to much. he was all alone. what was to become of him?