i’ve been experiencing writer’s block lately. or, perhaps, we shall call it “blogger’s block”? my entries are full of feelings and thoughts, reflections, emotions, experiences, and the like, which makes the effort to sit down and blog a draining one, especially when my work consists of me having to talk about these things and coax them out of my clients…all day long. so it makes it that much easier not to blog, which subconsciously, turns into not caring.

shutting my mind off.

when it comes down to the heart of the matter and the heart of me, more specifically, i would rather shut my mind off than write about silly, superficial, superfluous topics.

but this weekend is labor day weekend, marking the unofficial end to summer and the beginning of fall, and i love fall. ’tis the most wonderful time of the year. and in one week, i will be flying to new jersey and new york city – where i have not been in 7 years – for a takjoo wedding, but also to spend time in the company of friends and family that i have dearly missed. something about new york city and new jersey just thrills me. but i can’t even put my finger on what this is. the people? the trees (it is the garden state, after all…)? the smells? the turnpike? the wind-ey little highways?

perhaps all of these smushed all together into warm and fuzzy memories of college and humid summers and first loves and the like. i even looked up “Kids Camp/Schools of Promise” the other night to see if they still existed. i thought about those beautiful second graders i had taught in the summer of 1999 and wondered where they were now… they would have been 18 years old by now and hopefully on the path towards college, although east orange, newark, nj reportedly had one of the highest homicide rates in the nation and the neighborhood was a drug-infested, gang-ridden one.

the last time i was in nj, i met someone who basically changed my life. thankfully, that part of my life is in my past now, and i can look forward to what is ahead, starting out fresh, to carve new, hopefully happy, memories into my future.

i am very excited.

one week of work to get through before i get there, however.

but in the meantime, i relish the thought that it is still labor day weekend, and i have two days of sleeping in, taking naps, watching lots of television, eating whatever strikes my fancy, and feeling lazy without feeling guilty… still ahead of me.