june gloom

the seasons are changing. june gloom has officially descended upon los angeles. and my mind, as usual, is filled with thoughts of many things, many experiences, anxieties, and fears, joys and hopes of the coming days. this afternoon i sat in the darkened studio and reflected on Christ’s love for me – the height and depth and width and length of His love, which is something i can’t even wrap my mind around. i’m grateful for the constancy of it, and how He speaks in so many ways. i’m thankful His faithfulness is reflected through various friendships I have maintained with friends over the past years… I ran into a couple of them at a wedding last night, and I went with an old friend to the LACMA last Sunday to see the Tim Burton exhibit. in the midst of all the turmoil and upheaval in daily life, or the drudgery and trudgery of toil, i am grateful that i have these moments to look forward to, and to look back upon.

i walked past your door

this evening

thinking about you

there on the other side

wondering what occupied your mind


and wishing i could share

in the moment with you.