Health & Wellness = self-care.

the afternoon is warm, and the sky is blue… so blue, i feel i could fall into it upside down and fly into outer space. can’t believe it’s november already. Starbucks has released their red holiday cups, and my peppermint mocha this morning would probably have tasted more appropriate had the weather been cold and gray. but i loved it anyway. in a week-and-a-half, i begin a new adventure at work, “coordinating” the new Project ABC program to specifically serve the babies and little ones (birth-to-five) throughout the South Bay. i still haven’t fully reflected on what this transition will mean for me and where it will take me. i interviewed and God opened the door, so He must have His reasons for wanting me in this role. what i look forward to, ultimately, is how this next chapter of my work-life-story will play out in the desire to chase after His dream. seems like a detour, but is also a step forward.

blessings have come, internally and externally, in many forms. i’m grateful i have a family and community on the East coast, and around the world, that i can go to and spend time with when necessary (or even just for fun). i have little ernie and a small family here at 620 S. Gramercy Place, and the three of us seem to have reached a comfortable and familiar rhythm, wheels turning daily. the City Light community has shifted and expanded, yet again, with new friends and relationships, and a new passion to worship and serve. my Wednesday community-within-a-community  is another family i have come to love and look forward to breaking bread, laughing, and sharing together with. and my parents continue to carry on through their tough physical, emotional, and mental challenges, with His blessings and mercies meeting them every day, every step of the way.

at my current stage in life, i occasionally buy into the anxieties and concerns that strangers (and acquaintances) project on my behalf: finding the ever-so-elusive “One,” getting married, starting a family, and watching my children grow, progressing in my career, blah, blah, blah. i want it too, but i know He will provide someday. it’s definitely hard to keep these hopes up when nothing seems to happen in front of me, but i’ve lately been reminded that my God is unusual (but not cruel) and good (but not safe), and that these someday-yearnings are from Him… that i was made for another time, another place… and until i get there, everything will be okay.

so for now, please allow me to take my blessings and keep calm, carry on, and know that things will happen when they happen.

but actually…

…life is Happening already.

and that’s the exciting part.