Last year around this time, I wrote a Good Friday entry while sitting in a McDonald’s booth, a few minutes after I had completed a therapy session with a little 4 year-old girl. This year, I sit in my tiny office with the window partially open, a breeze blowing through and settling dust particles everywhere. A Yahoo! News study was posted yesterday, stating 33 as the best year of a person’s life. I don’t know if I can agree, but it has definitely had its moments. I often forget how old I am now, and when I do remember, I burst into out-loud laughter and my brain goes all fuzzy for a second.


Hopes and dreams are still to be realized, but what I have been finding great comfort in lately, is the consistency of the Word, especially as another Easter Sunday approaches. Going to church, praying, attending small group, quiet times, have all become such a normal part of my life that all of this often teeters on the very edge of mundane discipline. Christ’s death and sacrifice become overshadowed by the routine of each day: waking, working, eating, sleeping, and even during Passion Week, I have to make extra effort to pause and reflect, even momentarily, on the reason behind my life.


So this year, I have wanted to be more mindful and present of this special season, taking those moments to pause and reflect and think about him and his sacrifice for my gain. And while emotions soar high and low and thoughts are put to the wayside while the world screams, “Go, go, go!”, I sit and thank God that in this never-ending cycle of day and night, his promises are true and consistent, and I have a resting place to soothe my soul when I just can’t take it anymore. He gives me the strength to sit up and try again.