A whole season has passed between my last entry and tonight. And I am awake at this unruly hour because poor Ernie threw up all over my bedroom floor. At least today is the start of “fall back, spring forward” so I get an extra hour.

a summer of challenges has come and gone: being stretched in innumerable ways at work, witnessing people I know and love move on, sitting with my dad in the ER after his bout with hepatic encephalopathy and learning what such a thing is and what it means, preparing for the written standard examination for my MFT license, old feelings no longer being what they once were, and pressing onward in search of a new community. 

It’s been exhausting, and continues to be so. There will be reward, however, right? God has promised. And he is faithful. I really need to believe that. And cling to it. Because otherwise, ultimately, what would I be living for?