i do this every year.

i look back and reflect on the past year and then look ahead into what is to come. it’s been a season of change: change in title at work, change in responsibilities, change in community, change internally and externally. i know i have changed, and then i look around me and see that my world has changed. it’s been a season of taking risks: leaving certain things that were so comfortable at one time, and venturing forth to seek new things.

i’ve never been one to like change. And i’ve never been one comfortable with risk-taking. but perhaps it all becomes easier, as time passes, and we grow older. i know for certain i did not fulfill any of the resolutions i set out with at the dawn of 2012. but in the end, all i can hope for is that i am better, wiser, more grounded in myself and in my identity, my faith, my values, my dreams and hopes and wishes.

what to expect of 2013? the worst? the best?

it’s like the turning of the tide.