Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done

You make all things work together for Your good. Your love never fails.

Divine appointments and the kingdom of God. Concepts of faith that have been realized and reiterated over the past several weeks. Tomorrow morning I take my Clinical Vignette examination for MFT licensure. It’s the culmination of almost 7 years of study, practicums, anxiety, relationships, managing client-related crises, coordinating services, training, and accumulation of thousands of hours to qualify for licensure. I feel anxious, but I know I have done all I can and the rest is in God’s hands now. He has opened the doors for me to come this far, and my hope is that He will open tomorrow’s door as well. And if He doesn’t, at this time, I know He will guide me through other doors… guide me to take other steps. I am grateful that He has given me this chance. And I know He doesn’t need me to, but I hope I make Him proud. 

and after all of this is over, I eagerly look forward to what else may come. 


truly He is good.