at this hour of the night, my thoughts form into a jumble of stream-of-consciousness, and yet, I feel most coherent and most awake.

after the noise has died down, after the streets are empty and quiet, and people have gone home to loved ones, after the laughter has ceased, when the music fades, here is where reality comes into full view and i’m left staring at the bare existence of getting by, day after day.

a chorus of voices singing, “Hallelujah!”, with eyes shut tight and hands raised to the heavens, we worshiped in one corporate unit as we journeyed into the center of God’s heart. my heart swelled, and I felt like this was right. Complete. And I wanted to stay in that place forever, harvesting that energy, falling deeper into that place where hearts were intertwined and beating as one. a taste of heaven.

but that reality of what happens tomorrow can be this Reality, too. He will work at the intersection of our efforts and our belief, our faith that He is working over us and can use us for His glory, in ways beyond our imagination. I can believe that even my meager hopes and dreams have a place in His glorious plan, perhaps not in the way that I envisioned, but that my work- my relationships – my interactions – can be divinely appointed to bring light and witness to Him.

that like King David, I too will go forth victoriously because He has already won.

Reality can’t get anymore clearer than that. It’s His battle. And He’s already won.

“the enemy is under Your feet // we are free, we are free // death has been defeated by love // You’ve overcome, You’ve overcome”



we promised. we fasted. we came. we prayed. we cried out. we remained quiet. we repented. we wept. we interceded. we listened. we worshiped. we meditated. we reflected. we asked. we hoped. we heard. we asked for more.

You spoke.

breakthroughs. encounters. tears. visions. impressions. dreams. desires. gifts. hunger. thirst. Your presence. Our stomachs shrank. Our hearts grew.

we worshiped. we remembered. we communed. we broke fast. we ate like starving orphans. we laughed. we fellowshipped. ’twas good.

And in the quiet of it all, You remained.