Seasons come and seasons go, but always You remain… 

it’s true.

seasons of quiet and not hearing Your voice, and there’s simply noise in the air. static. and yet, tonight I was getting ready to go to bed, when You said, Remember. See where this journey goes, see how I walk with you in spaces nobody else knows. Somedays I may seem far, but I am always by your side. Walk with others in their pain, walk with them again and again. Love them as I have loved you… be to them what I’ve been to you. And always will be to you.

The words come and they go, the music in my head never stops. Sometimes I hear it so clearly, and I wish I had a piano at that instant to hammer out the notes and the tunes and the melody. And then it passes. But those are the moments I feel you with me.

And it’s going to happen. I’m waiting expectantly. I wait eagerly. With hands stretched out, palms up, in position to receive and recreate in me, that which you desire to give so freely.